How to build a great product (without losing your mind)

Hiten Shah's had the biggest influence on my approach to building products.  I've known him for 9 years, and I can speak to his thoughtfulness and rigor. I appreciate that most of his posts are tactical. This should be required reading for anybody building a product:

Startup Growth

"Growth" is interesting because it touches all aspects of the business and product.

Here's a fantastic series of articles on it by Brian Balfour (ex-VP of Growth @ Hubspot). Brian captures my own philosophy and his blog is a source of inspiration for growth experiments & organizational process:

  1. "Product-Market fit isn't enough"
  2. "It's Market-Product fit, not the other way around"
  3. "Products are built to fit channels, not the other way around"
  4. "Channel-Model fit"
  5. "Model-Market fit"


I'm not a heavy podcast-er, but here are a few I follow: