Hey! My name is Ben. I'm a designer, programmer and entrepreneur living in New York City.

I mostly write about product design, productivity, and entrepreneurship. I recently left the company I founded 4 years ago (CartHook) and am exploring what's next.

I'm also kinda skinny, kinda bald.

A bit about me

A bit more

Even more

  • Work featured in Forbes, Esquire, Maxim Magazine, and on ABC World News
  • Past clients include IDEO, Ogilvy, and FORD Models
  • Enjoy playing w/ cameras

Currently exploring

  • Travel hacking–I recently spent 5 weeks in South Africa and Dubai for free
  • How to become a better writer
  • How to become a high-risk payment processor
  • CBD, Cannabis e-commerce–opportunities in the space
  • Ethical Adult Entertainment–censorship on Tumblr, Instagram and other social sites

Want more? Here are some of my favorite articles, books & podcasts